Shetland Bus Inspired Voyage - Shetland to Norway

Dates & Availability

Embarkation Location
Scalloway, Shetland
Disembarkation Location
Bergen, Norway
Start Date
Monday, 10 August 2020
End Date
Wednesday, 19 August 2020
Days Sailing

Join us on a North Sea voyage, inspired by The Shetland Bus, a Shetland based boat operation between Shetland and Norway which took place during the Second World War to assist the Norwegian resistance movement in, German occupied, Norway.

In the lead up to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, The Shetland Bus Friendship Society is hoping to bring many of the surviving Shetland Bus vessels to Scalloway for an event. Following this event, Swan will leave Scalloway for Bergen on this Shetland Bus inspired voyage, calling at places of importance to the Shetland Bus story along the way.

Boarding Swan in Scalloway, Shetland at 10am, your stay will begin with a comprehensive safety briefing including how to work the lines on deck and set the sails. We will then cast off and set sail towards Norway.

While we are still working with the Shetland Bus Friendship Society on an exact itinerary, and will update this site as plans progress, we will be making stops in places which were important to the Shetland Bus operation and hope to link in with local organisations to arrange relevant activities along the way.

We will disembark Wednesday 19th at 10am in Bergen, Norway.

A voyage on Swan is very much a hands-on experience - you are part of her crew, and work as a team to make your voyage happen. All tasks are shared and everyone joins in, from the most to the least experienced. For more details of what to expect on board please refer to our Welcome Aboard leaflet.

Included in voyage

Included in the price of this trip are sailing instruction, stops at Shetland Bus inspired places, accommodation and all meals for the duration of your stay. For further details on what is included, and what to bring with you, please refer to our kit list.

If you need to fly to or from Bergen to join/leave a voyage Lognair fly direct from many UK airports, including Sumburgh in Shetland, at this time of year.

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