Portsoy - Scottish Traditional Boat Festival Trip

Dates & Availability

Embarkation Location
Kirkwall, Orkney
Disembarkation Location
Lerwick, Shetland
Depart Kirkwall on 20th June 2024 Disembark in Kirkwall on 24th June or in Lerwick on 25th June
Days Sailing
4 or 5
Days in Port
Est. Nautical Miles
£870 disembark Orkney
£1,015 disembark Lerwick

Experience the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival in style, as part of the crew aboard our 120 year old traditional Fifie. We will travel from Kirkwall in Orkney, down the East Coast of Scotland into Portsoy, staying aboard for the festival weekend, before leaving in the Parade of Sail and sailing back to Kirkwallto disembark. Passengers wishing to sail on to Lerwick may continue on board for an extra night.


  • Arrive, stay at and leave the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival on board our 120 year old tradional wooden Fifie. You will be berthed alongside other well known traditional Scottish Fifie vessels such as the Reaper, Isabella Fortuna and White Wing, a 33ft Baldie, making for a wonderful display of maritime heritage.
  • You will be right in the thick of the action all weekend, and leave as part of the festival's Parade of Sail.
  • Enjoy all the festival has to offer and have access to the 'crew only' areas and activities.
  • Enjoy a varied sailing experience, with your trip starting in Kirkwall and ending either back in Kirkwall or continue to Lerwick.
  • Sailing instruction, meals and accommodation included for the duration of your stay.

We will arrive at Portsoy for the start of the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival and, once tied up inside the busy harbour walls, Swan will be your convenient home, right in the centre of the action for the duration of the festival.

With a weekend pass included in your trip, you can enjoy all the festival has to offer. There is plenty going on, music stages and stalls with local crafts and food. Also, as you are part of our crew, you will have access to the ‘crew only’ areas and events. You will also have the chance to look at/visit other traditional Scottish vessels and socialise with their crews. As a crew member you will have the oppoturnity to welcome visitors on board Swan and share your maritime stories adn experiences with the public.

We will leave on Sunday as part of the festival’s parade of sail and head to Orkney, where you will disembark in the late afternoon. For those staying on to Lerwick, we will leave Orkney (tide dependent) and arrive in Lerwick on Tuesday afternoon.

A voyage on Swan is very much a hands-on experience - you are part of her crew, and work as a team to make your voyage happen. Every trip starts with a comprehensive safety briefing, including how to work the lines on deck, and our experienced crew are always on hand to guide you in the safe operation of the ship. All tasks are shared and everyone joins in, from the most to the least experienced. For more details of what to expect on board please refer to our Welcome Aboard leaflet.

Included in voyage

Included in the price of this trip are: a weekend pass to the Traditional Boat Festival and access to the ‘crew only’ areas/activities, sailing instruction, accommodation and all meals for the duration of your stay. Please note if you would like to attend any of the evening concerts, tickets must be purchased directly from the Festival website.

For further details on what is included, and what to bring with you, please refer to our kit list.

Image Credits
Banner - Trish Gale
Main image - Anne Smith

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