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We are planning 3 trips to, around and back from Norway in August. While the dates are still to be confirmed, we have outlined our proposed dates below and will confirm as soon as possible. If you are interested in any of these trips please contact us on and we will contact you when further details are available.

Shetland Bus Inspired Voyage

Nine night trip: Proposed dates (to be confirmed) Monday 10th - Wednesday 19th August

Board: Scalloway, Shetland; Disembark: Bergen, Norway

Join us on a voyage from Shetland to Bergen inspired by The Shetland Bus, a Shetland based boat operation between Shetland and Norway which took place during the Second World War to assist the Norwegian resistance movement in, German occupied, Norway.

In the lead up to the 75th anniversary of the Second World War, The Shetland Bus Friendship Society is hoping to bring many of the Shetland Bus boats to Scalloway for an event and it is following this event that Swan will leave Scalloway for Bergen on this Shetland Bus inspired voyage, calling at ports important to the Shetland Bus story along the way.

Hardangerfjord, Norway

Seven night trip: Proposed dates (to be confirmed) Friday 21st - Friday 28th August

Board and Disembark: Bergen, Norway

The Hardangerfjord is 179 km long, and one of the longest fjords in the world. It has been an important European tourist destination since the 19th century which offers spectacular nature and living cultural heritage. Starting and ending in Norway's second largest city, Bergen, you will spend 7 nights on board Swan exploring this stunning location, with stops at ports along the way.

Bergen to Lerwick

Three night trip: Proposed dates (to be confirmed) Monday 31st August - Thursday 3rd September

Board: Bergen; Disembark: Lerwick

Join us as we return to Shetland from Bergen. This is a route well travelled by many a sailor, from our Viking ancestors to the modern day annual Bergen - Shetland Races. This exciting trip across the North Sea is always fun!

Voyage Information

A voyage on Swan is very much a hands-on experience - you are part of her crew, and work as a team to make your voyage happen. Every trip starts with a comprehensive safety briefing, including how to work the lines on deck, and our experienced crew are always on hand to guide you in the safe operation of the ship. All tasks are shared and everyone joins in, from the most to the least experienced. For more details of what to expect on board please refer to our Welcome Aboard leaflet.

All our voyages include sailing instruction, accommodation and all meals and snacks for the duration of your stay. For further details on what is included, and what to bring with you, please refer to our kit list.

If you need to fly to or from Norway to join/leave a voyage Lognair fly direct from Shetland to Bergen at this time of year.

Please contact us on if you are interested in any of the trips above and we will contact you when further details are available.

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