Norway Creative Experience - Gulating & Eivindvik

Dates & Availability

Embarkation Location
Lerwick, Shetland
Disembarkation Location
Lerwick, Shetland
Start Date
Saturday, 17 August 2024
End Date
Tuesday, 27 August 2024
Days Sailing
Days in Port
Est. Nautical Miles

Join Swan for a creative journey across the North Sea. Accompanied by artists from Scotland & Scandinavia, all using different mediums, you will have the opportunity to take inspiration from your surroundings and time to spend on your practice should you wish – or just enjoy the journey and the culture! Some of your fellow crew are participating in the voyage to escort their exhibition to Gulating, Norway.

Boarding Swan in Lerwick at 10am, your stay will begin with a comprehensive safety briefing including how to work the lines on deck and set the sails as your journey will very much be a participatory experience.

The exhibition travelling with the boat is entitled (w)ORD: EBBE+FLOW and it is on display in Shetland Museum & Archives in July/August 2024. (w)ORD: EBBE+FLOW represents the falling and rising of the tide and references the importance of sea and travel and the spread of language and culture across the North Sea between Norway and Scotland, both historically and today.

With fellow creatives onboard, watches will be a lovely opportunity to share ideas and inspiration with other like-minded individuals. Once you’ve crossed the North Sea, arriving to Bergen will give you the opportunity to visit the historic Bryggen waterfront which is home to several galleries and museums. You’ll then voyage up the coast to Eivindvik, weaving past breathtaking views, to take part in the Gulating Festival (Gulatinget 2024). This festival will be celebrating the 750th anniversary of Norway’s national Constitution with a cultural programme of events held at Gulating, Western Norway's Viking parliament and court for 400 years, including a concert on the Friday evening from Grammy nominated Winter Lazarus and Heidi Torsvik. along with guest artists. This is where the (w)ORD: EBBE+FLOW exhibition will also be on display, having been transported with you on Swan. Should you need a break from cultural activities, there are several fantastic hiking routes surrounding the area.

After the 2 night festivities within the Viking Ting site, you’ll make your way back down the coast to Bergen before setting sail across the North Sea once more to Shetland.

You can read the programme of Gulating events HERE, though we have used Google Translate to convert the text to ENGLISH HERE if you don’t read Norwegian too well!

You can find out more about Gulatinget at this website -

Trip Itinerary:

17th - Depart Lerwick

18th - Night at sea.

19th - Arrive in Bergen to clear immigration process. Spend the day and night in Bergen.

20th - Travel up the coast to Gulating stopping at various points of interest and overnight anchor on way up.

21st - Full day sailing/creative day with stops at points of interest and anchor overnight.

22nd - Arrive Eivindvik. The exhibition will be unloaded and some of our travelling artists will disembark, with new friends joining in their place. The day will be spent exploring Gulating historic site. It is likely we will berth at Gulating in the evening.

23rd - (w)ORD: EBBE+FLOW exhibition opening in Eivindvik and festival start – a full programme of celebration for the 750th anniversary of Norway – Norwegian minister for culture will open event. Berthing overnight in Eivindvik.

24th - A full day of concerts and theatrical performances and outdoor heritage events. Depending on weather and the Skippers judgement, the boat will either leave mid-afternoon and anchor overnight further down the coast, or remain in Gulating.

25th - Sail back down to Bergen for formal departure procedures then set sail for Lerwick.

26th - Night at sea

27th - Arrive Shetland, around 6.00pm.

A voyage on Swan is very much a hands-on experience - you are part of her crew, and work as a team to make your voyage happen. All tasks are shared and everyone joins in, from the most to the least experienced. For more details of what to expect on board please refer to our Welcome Aboard leaflet.

Included in voyage

Included in the price of this trip are sailing instruction, accommodation and all meals for the duration of your stay. For further details on what is included, and what to bring with you, please refer to our kit list.

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