Join the crew and experience a boat trip like no other!

Swan is ideally sized – small enough to visit small unexplored anchorages, yet large enough to be a joy to sail. Built in 1900, she is a tried and trusted vessel, which handles well in livelier weather as well as lighter winds. With no prior experience required, join us classic sailing around tranquil, undisturbed islands, soaring Norwegian fjords or soaking up the atmosphere at a festival.

When you come aboard Swan you are undertaking an adventure. Part of the ‘hands on’ crew for that trip, you will come under the command of the skipper and play an active role in sailing and working this traditional boat. On board the atmosphere is relaxed and sociable. Living and working in close quarters, you will get to know your crewmates well and form friendships which continue long after the trip is over. Please note our minimum age policy for unaccompanied minors.

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