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The Swan was launched in 1900. She was one of the finest boats among the Scottish fishing fleet, and was the largest ever built at Lerwick in Shetland.

Having survived two world wars and the threat of destruction, the ship has now been authentically restored to her former glory by The Swan Trust, a team of dedicated volunteers.

When you come aboard the Swan you are undertaking an adventure. You are part of the ‘hands on’ crew for that trip, and come under the command of the skipper. You will play an active role in sailing and working the ship on passage.

Crewing the Swan also helps us understand what life was like for the fishermen of Shetland, as they sailed into the 20th century. We can see and use their technology, relearn their skills and appreciate the challenges they faced.

You will be joining a small group of people living in a confined space. Initially others may be strangers to you, but firm friendships are quickly formed. We find many friendships continue after the trip is over.

Information on what is provided during your journey on the Swan can be downloaded here.

Sail on the Swan

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