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29 September 2019

The Vevoe Trophy for Swan Sail Trainee of the Year 2019 was presented to twenty-three-year-old Drew Manson, from Brae, at the Swan Trust’s end of season gathering. Supported by Sail Training Shetland, Drew was one of ten Swan Trainees who took part in race one of the Tall Ships Races 2019, from Aalborg in Denmark to Fredrikstad in Norway. Aubrey Jamieson, in presenting the trophy, reflected on the tremendous contribution Drew made to the voyage, particularly his teamwork, conscientiousness and willingness to help everyone onboard.

Swan Sail Trainee of the Year, Drew Manson, received his Vevoe Trophy from Aubrey Jamieson
Drew Manson receiving Vevoe Trophy from Aubrey Jamieson

This is not the first time Drew has sailed on Swan and his enthusiasm shines through. Speaking about this trip he stated the whole experience was ‘excellent from start to finish’, with some of the most enjoyable aspects being: The sense of peace and mindfulness gained from being part of a crew working together at sea; The enjoyment of the company and comradery; The parties at port and seeing Scandinavia. He also said he'd love to be more involved and thanked all parties for their patience, kindness and hard work in keeping the Swan sailing and trips going.

Swan Trust Operations Committee Chairman, Tommy Allan, said “Opportunities for youth are at the heart of the Swan Trust, and it was great to welcome Drew aboard again. Drew used his previous experience to both help those onboard for the first time and improve his own skills. We congratulate Drew on his outstanding participation this year, it is our youth who will ensure Swan continues to offer sailing opportunities into the future and to have trainees like Drew is vital to our ongoing success. We wish him all the best in the future and hope to welcome him onboard again soon.

Sail training goes far beyond sailing instruction, it uses the experience of being at sea to help young people learn about themselves and discover hidden strengths and talents. Sail trainees who embrace life on board reap the benefits through increased self-confidence, independence, team working, communication skills and testing their personal and physical boundaries, with some going on to pursue careers at sea.

Swan Sail Trainee of the Year, Drew Manson, with Award Presenter Aubrey Jamieson, Swan Trust Opearations Committee Chair, Tommy Allan, and Swan Crew: Thorben Reinhardt (Skipper) and Maggie Adamson (Mate)
Vevoe Trophy winner, Drew Manson, with Swan Skipper Thorben Reinhardt, Award Presenter Aubrey Jamieson, Swan Mate Maggie Adamson and Swan Operations Committee Chair Tommy Allan

The Vevoe Trophy was commis­sioned by the Swan Trust and named after the home of the Simp­son family from Whalsay, who were closely involved with owning and managing the Swan for over 50 years during her herring fishing career.

The trophy is a replica of Swans original wheel, beautifully made by the late Lowrie Robertson of Unst, with assistance on intri­cate details from Maurice Manson and Ian Smith of Lerwick and Peter Mouat of Unst. The award was presented at the Trusts end of season gathering, an informal event to thank crew, trainees, volunteers and supporters for another successful season.

Learn more about what the Swan means to Drew.

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