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22 March 2023

With a focus on youth and community development, the Swan Trust has undertaken a range of charters and events over the years. While the majority of these have been sail training trips for youth, community and private groups, every now and again a more unusual request comes in. Last year this came in the form of a request from a local knitwear designer, Mati Ventrillon, who was looking to do a photoshoot aboard the Swan as part of her Artisans project, which focused on the dissemination of Shetland’s heritage and promotion of emerging talents.

During 2022 this project focused on Shetland’s fishing and sailing heritage, and celebrated the passing on of skills and preservation of maritime traditions. With promoting Shetland’s fishing heritage and passing on sailing skills at the heart of The Swan Trust, Mati identified the Swan as an ideal place for a photoshoot.

The Swan Trust was delighted to be involved and worked with Mati to find suitable dates and discuss her requirements. Mati was keen to promote the work of the Trust, and involve some of its youth trainees in the photoshoot, to model her knitwear whilst sailing the boat. A call was put out, and the Trust soon had the volunteers needed.

The Swan skipper, Maggie Adamson, explains more: “I have undertaken a number of charters on the Swan over the years, but a professional knitwear photoshoot was a first for me. Trainees are always keen to get out on the Swan, and being involved in a professional photoshoot was an added extra in terms of experience. The day started with discussion about where we would sail, the best places on deck to capture images and a safety briefing for all aboard. Following this, lines were slipped and we enjoyed a day out on the water capturing the images Mati wanted. Having seen the results, I am really impressed with what they have done – it makes both the knitwear and the Swan look incredible.”

Capturing her knitwear in an authentic setting like the Swan was also a first for Mati: “I have always admired the work The Swan Trust does in bringing our heritage to life with hands on sailing experiences for all ages. We are incredibly lucky to have a traditional Fifie which was part of Shetland’s fishing fleet in the early 1900s - a very rare survivor and important part of our national heritage. Being able to present my knitwear designs, inspired by our fishing heritage, on the Swan was a dream come true for me, I will be forever grateful and to the Trust and all the crew who made it even more special.”

Contact us if you would like to enquire about chartering the Swan.

You can find our more about the Artisans knitwear project here

Anyone can sail on Swan, for details of trips available to book check out our upcoming trips

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