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26 May 2021

The Swan Trust has received a funding boost with all the royalties from sales of The Cod Hunters book being donated to the Trust.

“We are delighted to receive this boost to our funds” said Swan Trust Chairman David Goodlad. “Over the last year we have been grateful for all the generous donations and sponsorship we have received from a variety of sources, particularly from many fishing boats, aquaculture firms and other marine related companies. This, together with funding from the Shetland Charitable Trust, is vital to keeping the Swan going and enabling the Trust to offer its volunteering and sailing opportunities to our community.”

Author of The Cod Hunters, John Goodlad, said “When my book was published, I said that, if sales were sufficient to generate any royalties, then these would be donated to The Swan Trust. I am therefore very happy that sales have been such to allow a first royalty payment to be made.

John Goodlad, Author of The Cod Hunters

The Swan Trust provides a vital role in keeping our maritime heritage alive, whilst also offering sail training and other opportunities for our current and future generations, and I am proud to support their activities. The book is still selling well so I hope there may be more royalty payments in years to come.”

Published in 2018, The Cod Hunters recognises the close historical ties between Faroe and Shetland, especially at the time of the cod fishery, when many Faroese fishermen were employed as crew on Shetland cod smacks and many smacks were eventually sold to Faroe, allowing them to establish their own fishing industry.

Mr Goodlad added: “I know how costly it is to maintain old wooden boats, and Swan is no exception, but I also know how vital it is to keep our fishing heritage alive. From the hundreds of boats of this type which would once have been around Shetland, Faroe and Scotland we now only know of two of Swans size in existence, and Swan is the only one currently operational as a sailing boat. The Swan Trust is dedicated to keeping Shetland’s historic sailing boat afloat and I cannot think of a better cause to donate the proceeds from the sale of my book.”

Copies of The Cod Hunters can be purchased online, at the shop in the Shetland Museum and Archives or the Shetland Times Bookshop.

Read our previous news item detailing the fantastic reception Mr Goodlad received when he travelled to Faroe aboard Swan in 2019 to promote his book.

The Swan Trust is very grateful to Mr Goodlad for his donation, and all the various organisations and individuals who help support their objectives. If you would like to help support Swan follow these links to donate or volunteer with the Trust.

Anyone can sail on Swan, for details of trips available to book check out our upcoming trips


Want to get involved in maintaining and operating a traditional wooden sailing vessel? There are a number of different ways you can volunteer to safeguard, care for and sail this unique heritage asset.

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