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17 December 2020

The Swan Trust is among 26 local projects and organisations to receive support from the Shetland Charitable Trust next year, with The Swan Trust receiving £28,300 for 2021/22 and indicative approval of the same amount in 2022/23. This funding will be used to support the costs associated with maintaining, operating and promoting The Swan, enabling the Trust to deliver life changing sail training opportunities.

The Swan is a community asset which brings people together, and has a particular focus on enabling youth sail training opportunities. Utilising The Swan, The Swan Trust undertakes a range of voyages annually, offers unique volunteering opportunities, and works with partner organisations to enhance community events and funding bids for youth, community and other projects.

The Shetland Charitable Trust is a charity set up to benefit the people of Shetland, especially in the areas of: Social care and welfare; Arts, culture, sport and recreation; and the environment, natural history and heritage. Earlier this year, The Swan Trust was among 16 organisations which received one off funding for 2020/21, with the Trust receiving £14,000 towards costs to recertify Swan for 2021.

Swan Trust Chairman, David Goodlad, said “The Trust would like to thank The Shetland Charitable Trust for their support and belief in our objectives. The Swan Trust offers a range of volunteering and sailing opportunities to our community, which can increase skills and confidence, contribute to health and wellbeing and build friendships and community links. This funding will enable The Trust to continue to offer life changing sail training opportunities, especially for our young people, promote our heritage and widen the scope of opportunities available to our community.

Sail training goes far beyond sailing instruction, it uses the experience of being at sea to help people learn about themselves and discover hidden strengths and talents. Sail trainees who embrace life on board reap the benefits through increased self-confidence, independence, team working, communication skills and testing their personal and physical boundaries. The Trust’s volunteering opportunities also have many benefits for volunteers, and can appeal to those who may not be interested in mainstream activities.

You can find details of all the organisations supported by the Shetland Charitable Trust here


Want to get involved in sail training boat trips in Shetland? There are a number of different ways you can volunteer.

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