Previous Trips

In previous years the Swan has, of course, undergone many unforgettable trips around her home waters of Shetland, meandering around many of the hundreds of isolated and beautiful anchorages, making the most of the long summer nights (called ‘simmer dim’ if you’re a Shetlander), exploring the rugged and absolutely stunning unspoilt coastline.

Many have been proud to say that they’ve sailed on the Swan round the very northernmost point of the UK, Muckle Flugga, and the crew would not be exaggerating to say that they know Shetland like the backs of their hands.

Other Shetland favourites have included the islands of Foula, Fair Isle, Out Skerries, Vaila, Unst, Yell, and of course Mainland, where there’s much to explore and many fascinating places to drop the hook for dinner and a relaxed evening with the obligatory anchor dram.

The Swan is a superb sea boat and handles ocean passages like a pro. She has been to almost all the Scandinavian countries; Norway has been visited countless times, being just a day and a half away and offering hundreds of gorgeous destinations among its sheltered waters. Bergen has been a common preference and the Swan is a well-known visitor there. The Swan has also tied up in Sweden, Denmark, Faroe and Iceland, every single trip creating remarkable memories for those onboard.

Orkney, the Western Isles and the Scottish coastline are frequently called on by the Swan, with the remote and desolate St Kilda also majoring on our previous calendars many times.

The Swan completed a memorable circumnavigation of Britain in 2012 for the Queen’s jubilee celebrations.

She is a familiar contender in the Tall Ships Races and has often taken part in Nordic Sail, a race between Norway, Sweden and Denmark in early summer.

The Swan has been chartered by many groups and individuals for a huge variety of trips and functions: youth groups, birthday parties, family and friend holidays, stag doos, weddings, corporate functions, team building; each charter providing a different and extraordinary experience.

The unique experience of sail training has provided every person with an unforgettable journey; the very essence of sail training meaning that individuals have invested their energy and time into the sailing and running of the boat, and that their effort was part of what made their voyage happen.


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